Window Cleaning in Dunfermline

We provide a bespoke window cleaner service to commercial and residential customers in Dunfermline.

Over the last few years, we have developed our training programmes so that our staff receive the best possible training. MK Cleaners are your one stop shop for professional window cleaning in Dunfermline.

MK Cleaners utilise the most recent innovations in cleaning technology such as the water fed pole which allows us to reach heights of up to 40 feet from the safety of the ground. By using the water fed pole, we can provide a superior service to traditional window cleaning as well as offer a much more competitive rate as our cleaning is much more efficient. The water that we use in the water fed pole is called pure water. It’s called this because prior to being used, it’s treated to remove any contaminants. This allows us to clean your windows with a streak-free finish.

The vast majority of our custom is from repeat business. With this in mind, customer service is of paramount importance to us. This also means we get a LOT of our customers refer us to their friends and family. By spending time working with our staff and developing their skills, MK Cleaners can provide a high quality, low cost window cleaning service. MK Cleaners have a large coverage in the Dunfermline area. We are fully insured, all of our staff are uniformed and we are also registered with the local council, as required by law.

Some people try to clean their windows themselves. In principle, this may seem like a good idea but cleaning windows is a dangerous job without the necessary training, equipment and experience. This can be dangerous for you and others around you. It’s also very time consuming and could take you several hours to clean something that could take us just 10 minutes, so cleaning your own windows is often a false economy.

Contact us today to discuss your window cleaning requirements.

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