Contract, Commercial, Office and Domestic Cleaners in Kirkcaldy

Looking for Contract, Commercial and Domestic cleaners in Kirkcaldy ?

MK Cleaners provide contract, commercial and cleaning services for a variety of businesses in and around Kirkcaldy . We pride ourselves at providing the highest possible cleaning standards the industry has to offer. We do this almost effortlessly because we truly enjoy what we do. We have a clear focus on quality and ensure that at every step of the way our customers are happy and proud to be associated with us.

We ensure that every job is giving our 100 percent, care, love and attention. We are always looking for ways to add value to the services we provide. We ensure that all our work force and staff are of the highest calibre.

We would love to clean your offices, cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, shops and schools.

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