Window cleaning in the rain

Window Cleaning in the rain

If MK Cleaners clean your windows in the rain and if it has been less than 24 hours and you still feel they are dirty, we will come back out and clean them free of charge.

Some customers hate it, some don’t mind.  From my experience as a window cleaner in fife I think its okay as long as the rain is not hitting of the windows. If its falling to the ground then there’s no chance of it messing up all the work that’s just been carried out.

Does rain water make your windows dirty?

Next time your window cleaner cleans your windows, take note. Check them after there has been rain. Are they dirty? In most cases they wont be, it would take several days of hard rain to make your windows dirty. Its dirt and dust that makes the windows dirty

Sometimes at MK Cleaners we have no choice to work in the rain, remember we are, after all window cleaning in fife, Scotland. Where it rains from 150 (driest parts) to 250 days (wettest parts) a year.